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Recent News
Even More-recent News


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Recent News
Even More-recent News

External Improvements at the Clubhouse

Using £150 of the £500 sponsorship funds provided by Waterstone Homes, the area between the gates to the Clubhouse compound and the steps to the door, has been tidied-up.  The vegetation in the area has been removed, a membrane has been laid (to discourage further growth of vegetation), on top of which 3 tons of gravel has been spread.  The work was completed on Monday 4 March 2013.

As can be seen from the photographs, the appearance of the compound is much-improved and might even lend itself to be used for al fresco teas during the summer league as well as the occasional fund-raising BBQ.



Sunday 13 January 2013 sees the return of Margaret Biggs to the tennis court, representing Rhondda LTC for the first time in 13 years.  She will be playing for our Ladies' team in their Winter League match at Rhiwbina.  Team Captain Cathy Rees has managed to persuade Mags to come out of tennis-retirement - particularly because the Club is finding difficulty in finding female players.  We hope this isn't a one-off appearance because Rhondda LTC desperately needs lady players - but especially of Mags' very high standard.

Many of us at the Club will remember Mags from the Club's beginnings at Pentwyn Park and at Treherbert Park and throughout the 1980s and 90s.  Mags and mum Freda were ever-present figures who both made major contributions to the development and success of Rhondda LTC, including the move to Ystradfechan Park, Treorchy.

Welcome back Mags - please stay with us - the Club needs you!

PS    Paul Davies can't wait to give you a FREE racket restring.

Postscript - Mags had a very successful return - she helped Rhondda to a 4-0 away win, together with partner Cathy Rees, Bethan Meredith and Merril Davies.



Tennis Courts' Makeover

With the assistance and expertise of 'Dragon Courts' the club now has 3 'new' courts, as you can see from the following photographs.  Our 3 courts were last resurfaced and painted between 15 and 20 years ago and were badly in need of renovation.  To ensure a proper 'newness' to the process, the Club decided on a change of colour - and so we have a dark blue court with a pale green surround.

The first competitive match to be played on the renovated courts took place on Sunday 25 March 2012 - a winter league Mixed Doubles against Cowbridge, on a beautiful, warm and sunny day.  Unfortunately, Cowbridge spoiled the party by winning the match. 

Rhondda (L to R)
John Davies, Bethan Meredith, Merril Davies & Marc Davies

NB To maintain symmetry, Bethan was made an 'honorary' Davies for the duration of the match.

Cowbridge (L to R)
Ian Duggan, Helen Evans, Caroline Summers & Anthony James

How the courts were improved - in pictures:

For the record the courts were:     cleaned        on Friday, 2 March 2012
                                                     painted         on Friday, 23 March 2012
                                                     white-lined    on Saturday 24 March 2012



Men's First Team Playoff - October 2008

Drawn away to Whitchurch in a playoff for promotion to the Premier League, Division 3, our Men's first team were well beaten 8-1.  During the final round of matches, with the score already 5-1, Neil Coles had to withdraw and concede his match (alongside Brian Meredith) due to a badly cut eye (caused by his own racket).

The team consisted of the following pairs:- Paul Davies (Captain) and Chris Welman, Rhys Davies and Gavin Kilvington (won the only match) and the above.


Indoor Courts at Bargain Prices

Tennis Wales are offering indoor courts at the South Wales Regional Tennis Centre at Cyncoed Cardiff on the following dates:

Sunday 30 September

Sunday 4 November

Sunday 11 November

Saturday 17 November

Sunday 18 November

Saturday 24 November

Sunday 25 November

Sunday 2 March 2008

Courts are available 5pm -10pm at £3.50 per hour per court.


Please contact Gwen Roberts – at the email address





27th March 2007 at 19:30 at the Club House


Ceri Edwards Jones; Lyndon Baker; Jason James; Stephen Davies; Gwenan Roberts; Huw Williams; Dai Davies; Brian Meredith; Paul Davies; Julie Kilvington; Chris Kilvington; Meryl and Geraint Davies.


Ceri Davies, Alison John, Sharon Barry and Bethan Meredith.


Huw Williams warmly welcomed all to the meeting.

Matters arising from the minutes

Wimbledon tickets – the club received 3 pairs of tickets last year based on the membership numbers.

Chairman’s report

The Club has seen a busy year with the coaching programme and city tennis. April 1st was city tennis day, the attendance was not great due to the time of year. Coaching has continued and it has been great to see the progress being made. Junior members visited the Stella Artois and Wimbledon tournaments. In competition the Rhondda Club children have been doing really well such as at the Southampton tournament. Adult coaching had a moderate attendance over the winter when the weather allowed. Some club members attended the Masters at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The Club still does not have a sponsor for city tennis for it to be continued at every level – need to have a minimum of 8 per session to continue which has not always been the case. The benefits to the club have been realised.

We are still awaiting for builders quotes for the work to be done on the clubhouse roof which is the highest priority for the club. A number of members attempted power washing of the courts, however it has been recognised that a professional job is needed to maintain the courts and avoid accidents.

Huw thanked Dai for all of the work he has done around the courts and in the club house.

Summer and winter league fortunes were mixed. The Mens teams were in the same league and only 7 matches were played. The 2nd team gave opportunities for new members to play. The Ladies team enjoyed their matches.

In the Winter league the club had three teams – mens, ladies and mixed – Huw thanked the captains for the time and effort of arranging teams, games etc. Huw also thanked those who made themselves available to play.

A Summer tournament took place – thanks to Paul and Brian for their work; although the final of the drawn doubles was not played members enjoyed the tournament but it was sad that we didn’t have a night to celebrate the winners.

The Club website has been a real success, 2000 recorded visits and Huw thanked John for his work which has helped to attract more players and there is more revenue possibility to exploit.

Membership numbers over the year led to a loss of 18 compared to previous numbers and currently have 73 members; unfortunately the club is likely to lose some members this coming year.

Melissa Griffiths’s maternity leave is due to start May 11th; Julie Williams has informed the club that she may have found someone suitable to cover Melissa’s absence and they are currently working towards DCA. However, some concerns were raised about the suitability of the person in terms of liabilities etc which could affect the numbers of people attending. City tennis would also have to approve as well.

Huw warmly thanked everyone who has helped with the club; teams, captains and wish the club every success in the coming year. Hopefully this year will see better attendance at club nights and at the coaching sessions.

Financial report

Brian Meredith shared a balance sheet at the meeting. Brian explained that Dai Davies should be recognised for his work in the day to day book keeping which assisted him greatly in developing the accounts.

Brian offered members a copy of the accounts if desired and would send on to John Davies although agreement would be needed to put on the website.

Brian reported that membership fees had increased; grants and donations from vice presidents was around £350; league affiliation costs had increased; he continued to provide for the court hire costs (as a creditor); tennis balls costs reduced by £100; little was spent on repairs and maintenance; insurance premium; a hike in utility charges had occured up to £450 (was a water leak and cleaning the courts); and summarised that before depreciation the club made about a £30 loss which on net worth of basis £14,700 to £14,000. Fixed assets depreciated to £8,000; stock summarised as tennis balls; and finally identified that £16 from membership fees were due (2 cadets).

Brian commented that £2,500 is in the current account and the club could benefit from the interest on this money. Huw also had a cheque from the community chest for £743 – for coaching, balls etc for the summer season for the club. The club will need to submit a report to the Wales Council for sport for this funding.

Brian stated that a budget has been set based on the current year’s out-turn and overall there is a need to increase income by £400.

Huw thanked Brian and Dai for their work over the year.

Election of officers






Huw Williams

Brian Meredith

Geraint Davies

Vice Chair

Lyndon Baker

Dai Davies

Brian Meredith


Gwenan Roberts

Agreed to continue


Dai Davies

Agreed to continue

Club Captain

Paul Davies

Gwenan Roberts

Brian Meredith

Team Captains


Mens 1st

Paul Davies

Brian Meredith

Julie Kilvington

Mens 2nd

Lyndon Baker

Gwenan Roberts

Meryl Davies


Alison John

Not present

Junior co-ordinator

Lyndon Baker

Brian Meredith

Huw Williams


John Davies

Dai Davies

Huw Williams

Rota to support Melissa proposed would be helpful


Child protection officer

Nick Kelland

Huw Williams

Dai Davies


Would be good to have reports in the Rhondda Leader to raise awareness a little further and might influence people to join the club. Club members to consider opportunities to involve the press more to reflect activities.

Selection policy

Members felt that it was unfair in terms of the amount of travelling for some of the leagues; and difficulties in the terms of the numbers of players needed for the teams.

Membership subscription

It was agreed that the subscriptions are as follows:



If paid by 30 April 2007




Senior playing



Student /Unemployed/ Social not playing in the teams












Full time student






Match fees

Re-introducing match fees was discussed but was felt that it was not the right time bearing in mind the amount of travel involved in this season’s fixtures.

Coaching activities

Last year free play tennis days but not this will not be happening this year. The 2nd June is Junior Challenge day and we will need assistance for refreshments etc.

Melissa is going on maternity leave and we are being offered a tennis assistant in her place who is working towards his DCA although there may be an issue around insurance etc. There is a need to support the coaching as far as possible on Wednesday evenings and on Saturday mornings to ensure that they continue.

Club nights

Club nights are Tuesday and Thursday, better support would be appreciated and we all need to promote both nights for support. Sunday mornings are also popular with club members.


This year we need to concentrate on the clubhouse to make it waterproof. Huw asked if there are there any members who can undertake some work? Lyndon explained that he knows a builder who might be able to help and will follow this up. If members have any ideas - we require quotes for a replacement roof and exploring what grants might be available to us. As Treorchy is in the Heads of the Valleys programme Huw has tried to access funding however, none available at the moment. Huw has also been in contact with Interlink to seek sources of funding to support the work needed on the clubhouse.

In total the club needs to have quote for the building, the roof, shutters etc to find out the whole cost of the work in order to seek the required funding.

The courts require professional cleaning which will give the courts extra life; and will cost around £1000. Huw has discussed with Martin Sullivan but we are not keen on brushing the courts. Brian suggested that the Street care team may have more answers to help with cleaning the courts and are worth contacting. Chris Kilvington will also find out what is on the market for cleaning the courts but need to do this before the beginning of the season.

It was resolved to allow Huw to go ahead to find out more information for cleaning the courts and should move on as soon as possible as the courts need to be safe for people to play without slipping.

Wimbledon draw

Names as drawn

Gwenan Roberts

Ceri Edwards Jones

Paul Davies

Lyndon Baker

Jason James

Stephen Davies

Merrill Davies

Julie Kilvington

Ceri Davies

Chris Kilvington

Brian Meredith

Geraint Davies

The tickets are allocated on the grounds that if the club member cannot attend the tickets cannot be sold on to others – they must be returned to the club and following the list above in terms of priority.

Any other business.


Huw Williams thanked all for attending, wished all the teams well in the league, encouraged all members to introduce others to the club and the meeting closed at 9:30.

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“Maes y Meini”,
4, Druid’s Close,
CF42 6LJ.

Tel., 01443 777439

  4th March, 2007

  To Members of Rhondda Tennis Club


Notice of Annual General Meeting,

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007, at the Clubhouse

Assemble for drinks at 7.00 p.m.

Meeting to start at 7.00 p.m. promp.

Here we are on the threshold of a new Club year, hence the need for us to hold our AGM which I hope will be as well attended as last year.

Beneath is an Agenda which adheres to the usual format. Please not that if you are unable to attend the meeting, but wish to enter the Wimbledon ticket draw, apologies must be submitted in writing to Gwenan Roberts, Tennis Club Secretary, 5, The Rise, Hillside, Gelli, PENTRE, CF41 7UT, at least seven days before the meeting.


Chairman’s Report

Financial Report

Election of Officers

Team Captains / Selection Policy

Membership Subscriptions & fees

Coaching Activities


Wimbledon Tickets

Courts and Clubhouse

A decision has to be taken with regard to cleaning the Club courts. This needs to be addressed before the start of the new summer season. It took a few of us two days to wash just half of Court 1. We also saw a handsome increase in our water charges as a result! Consequently, due to the difficulty in getting members together to help with the work and using inappropriate equipment, perhaps the better plan would be to bite the bullet and get the courts washed professionally. It will no doubt cost about £1k or more, but at least it will give us a few more years extra life out of the courts. Naturally, the Club will need to hold functions to raise funds towards the cost.

The Clubhouse has suffered badly this winter and there is quite a lot of rain damage. We are trying our best to get quotations and funding, but everything is taking a long time. Meanwhile, “Still falls the rain…”

  For news about the leagues, coaching etc, please come along to the AGM. We informed the Leagues Committee of the unhappiness last year at finding the men’s teams in the same league and also the dissatisfaction with playing home or away. I hope they heeded our feelings.

  If anybody knows the steps for a “Sundance”, please bring them along. We need something - desperately!


Huw Williams

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