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Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 18 March 2014


Chairman, Huw Williams chaired the meeting.

Others Present:- Joel Baker, Kevin Williams, John Lee, Marc Davies, John Davies

  1. Apologies for absence:- Alison John (working), Geraint & Merril Davies ( Austria ), Paul Davies (physiotherapy treatment), Lyndon Baker (Band).
  1. Copies of the Minutes of the 2013 AGM were distributed, read and accepted.
  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes:-

Kevin Williams (as Club Coach) will replace Joel Baker as Child Protection Officer.

  1. Chairman’s Report

Huw Williams apologised for not having a great deal of input into Club affairs of late – but the Membership was aware that he had been hospitalised for a number of weeks.  Huw thanked the various Officers of the Club for their work over the past year.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer, John Davies circulated copies of the Cub’s Income &

Expenditure A/C for the year ended 31 March 2014.  Here is a summary of its contents [any reference to 2012-2013 are in brackets]:-

a)    Total Income £3141.67  Total Expenditure £2249.01  Surplus £892.66  


b)     £324 of the Surplus was due to membership fee payments accruing to previous years.

c)     £50 sponsorship by Dragon Courts.

d)    Presentation Evening trophies cost £229 – but this was for Tournament 2013 AND Tournament 2014 – therefore £114.50 per year.

e)     Presentation Evening made a Profit of £29.60 before adjusting for costs of trophies.

f)     Bank balance as at 31 March 2014 £7943.10 (£7014.44).

g)    From 2015, Wimbledon tickets will no longer appear in the Club’s accounts.

h)    Utilities are now paid by monthly Direct Debit.

  1. Secretary’s Report

Secretary, John Davies read his report, which is summarised below:-

The Bank Standing Order payment system for membership fees had been a huge success, spreading the fees burden over the year and providing regular (monthly) income for the Club.

Total Membership 35 (7 Family, 15 Senior, 8 Junior, 1 Student, 4 Social) [8 female].

Summer Doubles League 2013:

a)    Ladies’ Team – the team won 2 matches (at home v Carmarthen and v Swansea ) and in 6 of their 10 matches were only able to provide 2 pairs.  They finished last in Div 2 West, which is where they will play in Summer 2014.  Team captain, Cathy Rees had the unenviable task of trying to get a team to play each weekend.  We do have news of a new female player who will be joining us for the new season – her name is Zaira Ozova – from Russia , currently living in Tonypandy. 

b)     Men’s 1st Team – the team finished 5th of 6 in Div 1 West and were relegated to Div 2 West for 2014.  They won 3 of their 10 matches.  Paul Davies had great difficulty in fielding a consistently strong team due to the unavailability of players – leading to the overdue promotion of players such as Joel Baker, Kevin Williams and John Lee to the 1st team.

c)     Men’s 2nd Team – the team finished last in Div 2 West Central, failing to win a single game – although the 2 matches v Garw were lost 5-4 (1 on an infamous tie-break).  The loss of 2nd team players to the 1st team had a huge effect on team strength.  The team was captained by John Davies.

Winter Doubles League 2013-14:

a)    No Ladies’ Team entered – insufficient players available.

b)     Mixed Team – captained by John Davies, the team has lost 7 and drawn 1, with 2 matches yet to play.  One match had to be conceded because we only had 1 female player (2 needed).  The team lies 6th in Div 2 and will inevitably be relegated to Div 3 for 2014-15.

c)     Men’s 1st Team – the team currently lies in 4th place in Div 5 but with a 4-0 win over Chepstow at the weekend and with some matches left to play, they should at least remain in the same division for 2014-15.  The team is captained by Paul Davies.

d)    Men’s 2nd Team – in the first half of the season, before the movement of certain players into the 1st team, results were good – but, with the reliance on inexperienced players for the second half of the season, results have been poor.  With 1 game left to play, the team lies 6th in Div 6A, having won 1, drawn 3 and lost 5.  The junior members of the team, such as Callum Searle and Jack Ashford, deserve a mention, for their enthusiasm and effort; the same applies to Ronwaldo De Leon – and it’s good to see Steffan Davies playing for the Club again.  Team captain – John Davies.

  1. Election of Officers – the following were elected:

Chairman                                Huw Williams

Vice Chairman                       Lyndon Baker

Treasurer                                 John Davies

Secretary                                John Davies

Club Captain                         Paul Davies

Coach                                     Kevin Williams

Child Protection Officer      Kevin Williams

  1. Team Captains – the following were elected:-

Ladies              Cathy Rees

Mixed               John Davies

Men’s 1st          Paul Davies

Men’s 2nd                   Lyndon Baker

  1. Coaching

Club Coach, Kevin Williams, reported that the number of players attending the Thursday night sessions, averaged a total of 6 in the winter and 16 in the summer.

  1. Club Development

The Club made a last-minute bid (by 1 January 2014) to the Big Lottery Fund under the title ‘Rhondda Tennis Centre’ with the dual aim of a) providing 3 covered tennis courts (the ‘Public’ courts) and b) establishing a new clubhouse adjacent to ‘our’ courts – between the courts and the children’s park.  Not unexpectedly, the bid was declined – having not proven the ‘need’ for such a centre.

The Club had a meeting with Julie Price (Community Sport Officer for RCT) on 4 February, regarding Club Development and another meeting with her, Simon Clarke (Tennis Wales) and others, will take place here tomorrow (19 March 2014) to discuss a way forward for our Club, in terms of financial assistance etc to improve our facilities.

On 6 March, Huw and I met with Rhys Evans (RCT Estates) and David Prout (RCT Parks) to discuss our existing lease for the courts and to begin re-negotiating the lease terms, to include all 6 courts at Ystradfechan (with a rider that there will continue to be some public access), together with the issue of a re-sited clubhouse (see attached email copy).  It transpired that ‘our’ courts do not correspond to the Estates Department’s official plans, which are in fact the ‘public’ courts, plus the rough ground between the courts and the hospital grounds - quote: Under the terms of the lease arrangement there should be an annual payment of £250 per annum from 1st July 1997. I have attached a copy of the lease, I have one further concern with the plan, and that the areas used do not coincide with this.

Apparently, some kind of unofficial agreement was arrived at, back in 1997, whereby the 2 sets of courts were ‘swopped’ in terms of usage/responsibility – there are in fact steel sign-written plates attached to the fencing of each set of courts, effectively confirming this.  The Mid-Glamorgan officials at the time turned a blind eye to the lease rental payments due to a dispute with the Club regarding the number of floodlights fitted over the courts.

John Davies is in the process of preparing a written application to RCT (Estates) for a re-negotiated lease, using pro forma documents provided by Rhys Evans.  There will certainly be a rental payment requirement in the lease terms (if granted) but this may be a peppercorn rent, given the Club’s size and lack of funds.

It was made clear, in our meeting with Rhys Evans and David Prout, that there was no funding currently available to repair the fencing of the ‘public’ courts, even if/when we took some responsibility for them.

  1. Membership Subscriptions

It was decided again to maintain fees at their present levels, but to also strictly apply a ‘No pay – no play’ rule.  Fees will be due, as usual, on 1 April and if not paid in full by 1 May (or first payment made on a bank Standing Order arrangement by that date) then that individual ceases to be a member of Rhondda LTC and would not be eligible to use the Club’s facilities.  It was also decided to discount the ‘Senior’ fee for NEW members from £84 to £70 to encourage more members to join.

  1. Wimbledon Tickets Draw

Twenty names were drawn from the fully paid-up members’ list, so that when the Club receives its ticket allocation, individuals can be contacted sequentially (in the order the names were drawn) and offered first-refusal.  A new payment system will be applied by the LTA – once informed of the names of the Club ballot winners, the LTA will contact each winner by email, to request payment ie the Club is no longer involved in the Wimbledon ticket payment process and tickets are sent directly to ballot winners by mail, following payment.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm


Rhondda LTC

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 19 March 2013


Chairman Huw Williams Chaired the meeting.

Others Present:- John Davies, Bethan Meredith, David Davies, Joel Baker, Lyndon Baker, Ceri Edwards-Jones.

Apologies for absence:- Marc Davies, Kevin Williams, Paul Davies, Neil Coles.

Copies of the Minutes of the 2012 AGM were distributed, read and accepted.

Matters Arising from the Minutes:-

The appearance of the clubhouse compound had recently been improved. This was achieved by the removal of vegetation, the laying of a membrane and the spreading of three tons of gravel over the membrane. The materials cost just over £150 – this was taken from the £500 sponsorship donation made by Waterstone Homes (this came as a result of Bethan and Bryan Meredith buying their new home at Glyncoli Road, built by Waterstone).

Chairman’s Report

Huw Williams commented that it was good to see the return of some ‘old’ players to the Club ie John Lee and Maggie Biggs but that it was essential that Club Night attendances improved. He felt that there was a need to improve and increase the amount of ‘social tennis’. He also made reference to the fact that the Ladies’ team had been demoted to Division 2 of the Summer Double League as a result of having to concede a number of matches. The Club desperately needs more members.

Treasurer’s Report

David Davies presented an Income & Expenditure Account for 2012-13 which indicated Expenditure exceeding Income by approximately £1800. Although bad enough in itself, this is actually an improvement on the previous year, when the difference was around £3400. The past year has been a very bad one in terms of members not paying their annual fees – despite the Club offering the option to pay in instalments via bank Standing Orders. One piece of good news was the reduction in the insurance premium for the clubhouse, from just over £900, to just over £200. David indicated that after holding the position of Treasurer for a number of years, he felt that it was time for him to stand down. He was thanked by everyone present for the major contribution he had made to the running of the Club’s affairs.

Secretary’s Report

Not normally part of the AGM agenda, Secretary, John Davies felt that he was in a position to summarise details of the on-court events of the past 12 months.

Summer League 2012

The Ladies’ team played in Division 1 West and finished 5th of 7 teams. Cathy Rees had difficulty in raising a full team of 6 and on 2 occasion had to play with just 2 pairs. Ultimately, the team had to concede 2 matches resulting in automatic expulsion from the Division. They will play in Division 2 in the 2013 Summer League.

The Men’s 1st team will remain in Division 1, finishing 4th of 6 teams, winning 50% of their matches, with 1 match controversially having to be concedde to Carmarthen.

The Men’s 2nd team will stay in Division 2 West Central, finishing 5th of 7 teams. There was controversy here to when, in the away match to Swansea 3, John Davies was subject to threatening behaviour from one of the Swansea team – a Paul Cana – who was not even playing on the same court. Rhondda walked-off in protest but Tennis Wales did nothing and Swansea were awarded the points.

Winter League 2012-13

The Ladies were in Division 6 but again were ‘scratched’ from the Division after conceding 2 matches. Maggie Biggs returned to play in the match against Rhiwbina, helping the Club to a 4-0 win.

The men’s 1st team is currently lying 5th of 6 in Division 3, with a few matches left to play.

The Men’s 2nd team is 3rd of 6 in Division 5, with 1 match to play – Carmarthen away.

The Mixed team lies 5th of 7 teams in Division 2 with 2 matches to play.

NB . A number of Junior players have frequently represented the Club throughout the year – in particular:- Emily Meredith, Aaron Bartlemore, Lewis Morgan and Callum Searle. They should be commended for their vital contribution to ‘team tennis’ at the Club.

Election of Officers – the following were elected:

Chairman                         Huw Williams

Vice Chairman                 Lyndon Baker

Treasurer                         John Davies

Secretary                         John Davies

Club Captain                     Paul Davies

Coach                                 Joel Baker

Child Protection Officer     Joel Baker


Team Captains – the following were elected:-

Ladies         Cathy Rees

Men’s 1st     Paul Davies*

Men’s 2nd     John Davies

*Subsequently it transpired that neither Paul Davies nor Marc Davies wish to captain the 1st team. An approach has been made to Ian Coles – we are awaiting his decision, although Paul Davies may reconsider.

Coaching – the following report, provided by Club Coach, Marc Davies was read to the meeting:

Summer 2011:

12 and under - Average attendance of 4

13 and over – Average attendance of 6

Winter 2012:

12 and under - Average attendance of 4

13 and over – Average attendance of 5

These numbers are slightly down and probably reflect the very wet summer, followed by a long, cold winter. Most of the ’13 and over’ group are now playing competitive tennis for the Club. Due to my work commitments, it is time for the Club to appoint a new coach, hopefully with the time to go into local schools and attract more juniors to the sport and to the Club. Links with the Urdd could also be developed – Joel Baker would be the obvious candidate.

Clubhouse Refurbishment

John Davies produced 2 recent builder’s estimates to illustrate the approximate cost of either re-roofing the clubhouse (£13761 inc VAT) or re-building (£161954 ex VAT). Roof repairs (damage caused by a cricket ball), costing £25, had been made recently and another hole in the roof had yet to be repaired. A plumbing repair (£10) had also recently been made – the fault was not as a result of frost-damage ie failure to turn-off the water supply, but simply a burst joint. It was decided to research and investigate the possibility of obtaining grants eg Lottery funding, to improve the Club’s facilities.

Membership Subscriptions

It was decided to maintain fees at their present levels, but to strictly apply a ‘No pay – no play’ rule – in view of the poor record, particularly in the past year, of members not paying their fees. Fees will be due, as usual, on 1 April and if not paid in full by 1 May (or first payment made on a bank Standing Order arrangement by that date) then that individual ceased to be a member of Rhondda LTC and would not be eligible to use the Club’s facilities.

Wimbledon Tickets Draw

Twenty names were drawn from the fully paid-up members’ list, so that when the Club receives its ticket allocation (usually 7 or 8 pairs) individuals can be contacted sequentially (in the order the names were drawn) and offered first-refusal.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm.



Rhondda LTC

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 13 March 2012


Club Secretary, John Davies Chaired the meeting, in the absence of a Chairman

Present:- John Davies, Bethan Meredith, David Davies, Huw Williams, Julie Kilvington.

Apologies:- Ceri Edwards-Jones, Marc Davies, Paul Davies, Alyson John, Cathy Rees, Merril Davies, Geraint Davies, Lyndon Baker, Bryan Meredith.

Minutes of the 2011 AGM – these were read and accepted as being a true record.

Matters Arising from the minutes:-

The condition of the Clubhouse compound is still an issue – waste materials need to be removed and the area needs to be tidied-up, including clearance of vegetation. Huw Williams again suggested that a group of members get together to clear the area. At the moment it is very unattractive and does not create a good impression for visiting teams.

The rules regarding charitable funding by AMGEN have been changed and as a result, the Club’s application has had to be withdrawn as we no longer fit the criteria – in particular that of "public footfall".

Chairman’s Report – as there was no Chairman in post (Paul Davies having resigned and unavailable), no official report could be provided. However, it was suggested that the Club’s recognition of the efforts of the Ladies’ and Men’s 1st teams in achieving promotion to Division 1 (Summer League) should be recorded in this document (congratulations had previously been offered to team members via the Club’s website home page back in the summer). In the Winter League, there was varied performance to report, with the Men’s 1st team achieving moderate success, the Men’s 2nd team not having (as yet) won a match and the Mixed team making steady progress. The Ladies’ team had to be withdrawn in November, due to the unavailability of a number of important players.

Treasurer’s Report – David Davies presented some detail regarding Income & Expenditure which illustrated that the Club desperately needs to increase income and reduce expenditure. One item in particular, causing concern, is that of Clubhouse insurance – currently in excess of £900 pa. Concern was expressed that the Club still has expenditure exceeding income by a substantial amount, year-on-year.

In order to improve the Club’s financial position, proposals were made and accepted to do the following:-

Increase subscriptions (see details on the website ‘Join Us’ page) and encourage their payment by monthly Standing Order or Direct Debit (whichever is most convenient); reintroduce match fees for Home matches (£2 per player); reintroduce Club Tournament competition entry fees of £1 per head per competition; no further expenditure on Tournament trophies – instead, these to be replaced by high quality in-house-produced certificates; all proceeds of the Presentation Evening raffle to be kept entirely for Club funds; the reintroduction of Club quiz nights (probably at the Pencelli Hotel), charging either £1 or £2 per head with perhaps a cash prize and a raffle prize; a sponsored event session (probably at a weekend) eg a ‘Hit-athon Relay’ or ‘Tennis-athon’ or ‘Service-athon’ etc, with members sponsored individually or as a team.

Election of Officers – the following were elected:

Chairman                 Huw Williams

Vice Chairman         Lyndon Baker

Treasurer                 David Davies

Secretary                 John Davies

Club Captain             Paul Davies

Coach                         Marc Davies

Child Protection Officer     Marc Davies

Team Captains – the following were elected:

Ladies         Cathy Rees

Men’s 1st     Paul Davies

Men’s 2nd     John Davies

Coaching – the following report, provided by Club Coach, Marc Davies was read to the meeting:

Coaching 2011-2012


Summer 2011:

12 and under - Average attendance of 813 and over – Average attendance of 6

Winter 2012:

12 and under - Average attendance of 4
13 and over – Average attendance of 8


12 and under:

Numbers have dropped – Could be the fact we did not go to an indoors venue this year. Reason being that no one could commit to an evening early enough to book the venue.

Football and rugby always seems to be a priority for the younger groups in the winter time. More marketing needs to be done for these age groups.

13 and over:

The teenagers group increased in size after starting the 5x60 session with Treorchy Comprehensive.

Some children came from that group and have stayed throughout the winter. This group is now getting stronger every week and should be allowed to contribute to the Men’s second team when needed, to further improve their skills. It’s very important that the 2nd team Captain speaks with the coach for recommendations as some players have developed a little faster than others. We need to keep these teenagers interested to keep the teams going, for the future of the Club!

Tennis Courts Refurbishment – the meeting was informed that Dragon Courts had power-washed the Club’s 3 courts and made repairs to two sections of fencing on Friday 2 March. They had also attempted to repair the centre-tape anchor points on courts 2 and 3. The repair had failed, so another attempt will be made when the courts are painted – sometime after 20 March. The meeting considered a swatch of paint colours for the courts – it was decided that the courts’ surrounding areas would be a light green, with the actual tennis court being dark blue, with white lines – with a 2-inch thick baseline. Total cost - £5923.00 .

Wimbledon Tickets – it was agreed that tickets would be allocated, following the draw, so that the first name drawn would have first choice of the tickets allocated to the Club, with a 24 hour window to accept or decline their choice; second name drawn would have second choice of tickets, etc etc. Only members with BTM numbers can be entered into the draw.

The meeting closed at 9pm.



AGM 2009

To All Members,

Please accept my apologies for not having mailed you since the Club’s AGM. I’ve finally found a few minutes, but primarily to send out a reminder about Club Membership fees, which are due as from the 1st April, 2009.

You’ll be pleased to hear that it was the decision of those who attended the AGM that Club fees would remain the same for this year as last. There is a small reduction for certain categories of membership when paid before the end of April. These are shown on the list below.    

I’m sure that you all share some regret at the departure of Melissa from the Club scene having been appointed Head Coach at Penarth Windsor, her home club. Those who regularly attended her coaching sessions enjoyed her company and made progress under her tutelage. I can vouch for that as one who merely stood at court side. Best wishes to Melissa, Gareth and Sebastian. However, the committee has striven to find a new coach to continue and to develop the Club’s coaching programme. I am hopeful that we shall be able to make an announcement during the next week or so and trust that members, new and not so new, will take the opportunity to brush up on their game or to develop it further. If our quest is successful, I’m confident the new coach will serve us well, will have plenty of drive and could well be a smash hit at the Club and in the locality. Watch this space!!!

Membership fees can be paid by mail to David Davies, Club Treasurer, 79, Tynybedw Street, TREORCI, CF42 6PY or given directly to Huw Williams (Chairman) at the Tennis Club. Cheques should be made payable to “Rhondda Tennis Club”. Those who for any reason choose not to renew their membership are kindly asked to return their court keys immediately, according to the agreement signed when keys were issued. The fees for 2009 – 10 are:

Category                                               Fee                                              Discounted Fee

Family                                                £105.00                                        £100.00 (when paid before 30th April, 2009)        

Senior                                                 £68.00                                           £63.00 (when paid before 30th April, 2009)

Unemployed/Social Players             £47.00                                           £42.00 (when paid before 30th April, 2009)

OAP/Social/Non-playing                    £5.00

Student (Full time)                           £27.00

Junior (10 – 18 years)                       £17.00

Cadet (Under 10 years)                     £9.00

We are all looking forward to a successful year, both on and off the court. New members are always welcome and former members hopefully will be able to find time to come back to the Club . Existing members are invited to introduce one, or more, new members to the Club. Suggestions and offers of help are always welcome. There’s always something to do!! Very shortly, a work party will be tackling the job of cleaning the courts, weeding the perimeter and cutting back any growth outside. Help will also be welcome to clear the Club compound of debris and cuttings that have accumulated. And that’s just for starters!!  Then, there’s the Club house. It needn’t become a chore for a few.

A fuller report of the AGM will be posted in the near future. Meanwhile, we wish our teams every success and enjoyment in the various leagues. We shall all follow their progress with great interest, I’m sure.

To our Junior members who are working in preparation for their GCSE, AS and A level examinations we extend our best wishes, but hope they’ll find a little time away from their books!

See you on court.

Best wishes,

Huw Williams

(Club Chairman)   


Annual General Meeting 2008

“Maes y Meini”,
4, Druid’s Close,
CF42 6LJ.

Tel., 01443 777439

  2nd March, 2008

  To Members of Rhondda Tennis Club

Notice of Annual General Meeting,

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008, at the Clubhouse

Assemble for drinks at 7.00 p.m.

Meeting to start at 7.30 p.m. prompt

Here we are on the threshold of a new Club year, hence the need for us to hold our AGM which I hope will be well attended.

Beneath is an Agenda which adheres to the usual format. Some clarification is needed regarding Wimbledon tickets. Should there be a draw for Wimbledon tickets, in light of the invitation to members to join the LTA, please note that if you are unable to attend the meeting, but wish to enter the Wimbledon ticket draw, apologies must be submitted in writing to Gwenan Roberts, Tennis Club Secretary, 5, The Rise, Hillside, Gelli, PENTRE, CF41 7UT, at least seven days before the meeting.


Chairman’s Report

Financial Report

Election of Officers

Team Captains/Selection Policy

Membership Subscriptions & Fees

Coaching Activities


Wimbledon Tickets

Courts and Clubhouse

The Club courts will be cleaned before the start of the new summer season. The wheels have long since been set in motion. It is now a question of being able to forecast a dry couple of days so that the equipment can be hired and delivered. I referred in my last newsletter to the need to have a work party to clear around the courts. Perhaps it would be better to do that work before the cleaning operation is done.

The Clubhouse has suffered badly this winter but the repair work has begun and hopefully all the holes in the roof have been sealed. Only time will tell. The builder is waiting for the weather to improve so that he can clear the roof of moss and then apply a sealant. We shall then need to have a cleaning/painting party to make the clubhouse more habitable.   

For news about the winter leagues etc, please have a look at the club website which, Dr. John Davies tells me, is now in better health!

Please note that coaching is available on Wednesday evenings – adults and nominated juniors currently from 7.00 – 8.00 p.m. For a full list of times, please consult the Coaching page on the website.

See you at the AGM.


Huw Williams